Enchanting and Easy Starry Night Scene Illustration in Procreate

Today I am sharing an illustration in Procreate that I did following one of Art by Flo’s tutorials. It has been a while since I have done any illustration in Procreate and so I decided to get to it. I browsed her tutorials and came across this easy one and decided that was a good jumping off point to get back into it again. I have done some illustrations in Procreate before and even used one of them to combine with hand coloring to make a card.

Night scene illustration in Procreate

While drawing, I realized that indeed, like everything else, a lack of practice is noticeable when picking up the pencil again. So it took me quite a lot longer to complete my drawing than Flo had said that it should. But I did enjoy it and it was good to refresh my memory on alphalock, layer masks and the different brushes found in Procreate and in her Treasure Chest. The subtle nuances in color and gradient achievable in an illustration in Procreate never fail to fascinate me.

I hope to do more Procreate drawings again and freshen up my skills there. Digital art is a great way to practice drawing without the fear of messing up as there is always the undo function.

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1 thought on “Enchanting and Easy Starry Night Scene Illustration in Procreate”

  1. So thrilled you were able to do something in Procreate again. Glad you enjoyed it. I like the picture very much.
    I hope you will be able to do many more projects like this one again.

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