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Today I am writing a very different post. I don’t have a picture of anything I created to show you but I have some input that I hope will help some of you.

I know in recent times some people have had a terrible time trying to comment on blogs. On some blogs it worked and on some not. The problem, which seems to have something to do with a session conflict when using blogger, lies on the commentor’s side rather than on the blog’s side.

The way to overcome this is to work on any blogger related things in an incognito or private window. I use Google Chrome as my browser and these are the steps I follow. The steps will be the same in any browser, the naming of the menu items would just be a little different:

  1. Once I have opened my browser regularly, I go to the menu and choose “New Incognito Window”
  2. This will open a new browser window with a splash screen telling me that I have gone incognito and I also have a little “Sherlock” type icon up next to the menu dots.
  3. I go to the admin panel of my blog in that first tab that is open in my new incognito window and sign in with my blogger sign in details. That sets the stage in this incognito window for the rest of my actions in that window without influence from any other sign-ins I have with other email addresses in my main browser window. Every tab I open in this incognito window will take the details I have just logged into blogger admin with as the email and sign-in that will be used from here on out in any other tab in that window.
  4. It is in this incognito window that I visit all the blogs that I comment on and never have a problem with commenting, no matter what style of comment box the blog has.
  5. Once completed, I close the incognito window and return to the normal browser window for anything else I wish to pursue on my computer.
  6. But the next time I want to do anything blogger related, I repeat this process again.
  7. I follow this same route whether I am working on my PC or on my mobile device.
I have some screenshots here of how to access this sort of incognito or private browsing window in three major browsers. Instructions for Safari for those of you that use a Mac can be found here.
Internet Explorer
I hope this post is helpful. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will try to answer them.

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2 thoughts on “Commenting on blogs”

  1. I need to thank Monica for suggesting the private browsing window to me. I've had problems with leaving comments on blogs for months and Monica's solution did the trick. Many, many thanks – you're a techie genius!! xx

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